Cyber Bowl 26.5.2023

Helsinki Wolverines vs Helsinki Roosters

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We want to welcome you to the first annual Cyber Bowl event on 26.5.2023. A Local derby Helsinki Wolverines vs Helsinki Roosters will be played at the Velodrome. The event is organized and presented by the cyber MVP’s Reformo Networks, Palo Alto Networks & Exclusive Networks. Event is for cybersecurity enthusiastic customers.

Game hosts

  • Cyber Defensive Line Mikko Kuljukka (Warriors, Vikings, Patriots, TAFT, Wolverines, 69ers)
  • Cyber Defensive Coordinator Lari-Pekka Martikainen (Jaguaarit, Pirates, Dragons, Renegades, Finland (U19))
  • Cyber Commentator Jukka Springare (Ghosthunters, Wolverines, Titans, Rotwalli)
  • Cyber Cheerteam Ari Koivisto

Agenda and Schedule

16:00-18:00 Draft Sports Bar at Mall of Tripla, Train station By Track 1

  • How to mitigate Threat Landscape in running game
  • How to find the Most Vulnerable Assets in the field
  • How Cloud Visibility matters in passing game
  • How to win the Cyber Bowl

18:00-18:30 Velodromi

  • Pregame analysis and refreshments


  • Kick off

21:00 TBA

  • After game analysis and refreshments

The event has a limited number of seats, so register as soon as possible.

Päivämäärä ja aika
perjantaina toukokuuta 26, 2023
16.0021.00 (Europe/Helsinki)

Reformo Networks Oy

+358 50 380 0192

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